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Trading From Zero (TFZ) breaks the mold of traditional financial market training. In our online trading school we combine theoretical training with real-time trading sessions with our team of professional traders. The objective is to show how we apply in a practical way, on live and with real money, the teachings we teach during our online trading courses.

This forces our team to be updated in knowledge and operation, which makes our training to invest in the stock market, as well as the trading room sessions and the trading signals channel are updated and maintain a high level of operation and quality.

Whatever your level is and whatever your interests in learning to invest in the stock market are, we have what you are looking for. We work with all profiles, both trading for beginners and professional trading. Everything you will see in Trading From Zero is based on our own knowledge and experience in the markets, as we show during the online trading sessions where we trade live and with real money.

Trading course from scratch

In Trading From Zero we have created this trading course with a stock market investment programme so that anyone can understand the operation, pros and cons of this way of investing.

We have joined the theoretical training of the trading course with Trading Rooms where you learn in a practical way the application of knowledge using real money, not demo accounts.

The objective of the project is to provide relevant, updated and practical information to students of the same University and to make other people who do not belong to it to be formed and to know the operation of this educational institution.


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Receive personal sessions with our professional traders.

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Advanced strategies

For advanced traders trading with real money.

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Do you want to learn how to invest in the stock market from scratch?

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Stop making excuses. If you need to get the basics of the financial markets and you don’t want to do it alone, take the lead and start in the next call of our online trading course with live classes.


Real-time training

This online trading course is taught with live classes through Webinars where experts will connect to teach the classes.


Recorded sessions

Afterwards you will be able to watch the recordings of the classes in case you have not been able to attend, although we recommend you do so, because the question and answer sessions at the end are very interesting.


trading rooms

Trading Rooms allow you to see how trading is done, for real, by professional traders who are trading with their own real money.

What is trading?

Everyone is familiar with the term “trading”. Most of us have traded in our daily lives, although we may not even know we have done it. Basically, everything you buy in a store is an exchange of money for the products you want.

In our trading school from scratch you will learn how to trade in the online financial markets, but what exactly is online trading? This article will allow you to understand how trading can be defined and how online trading works.

que es trading
Aprender trading

Learn Trading

If you have come this far it is because you want to learn trading, and we know you are wondering, but how do I start studying trading? Here are some ideas to answer that question.

  • Take the trading course for beginners, take advantage of one of our 50 free places in all our courses.
  • Start practicing on a demo platform or a trading simulator, it takes a lot of practice.
  • Read books and articles will be your allies to continue learning trading.
  • Study successful investors, but remember that just because a strategy works for them, no one says it is the ideal one.
  • Follow the stock markets and trends.

Trading school

We are an international trading school, we have been training for more than 6 years with Benowu International Academy more than 100,000 students in several Spanish and English speaking countries.

A trading school oriented to all investor profiles from beginners to professionals who want to continue studying trading.

Our teachers and tutors will guide you throughout the training to answer your questions and help you in this exciting world of financial markets.

Escuela de trading

Intensive stock market investment program.

Accessibility to knowledge

We all have the need to know how to invest our savings, since the passing of time makes our money worth less and less. Thus, if we do not learn how to move our capital, it loses purchasing power.

We know that investing our money properly is not easy. That is why we make available to our students all our resources and knowledge in the field of trading through our trading courses we want our students to achieve their goals and can properly protect the money they have earned with their owrn efforts over their years as workers.

We believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone, that is why our courses are available at reduced prices and flexible payment options, everyone should be able to have access to this knowledge regardless of their current financial situation.

Theory and Practice

In this course you will find more than 30 hours of training, with 10 theoretical classes and 6 sessions of Trading Rooms with professional traders so you can see how to invest in the stock market in real live. We use a methodology based on the Learn by Doing concept so that the student can immediately put into practice the knowledge that is being transmitted.

We are aware that in the field of trading courses is important to start off on the right foot, we can not invest all our money when we are starting. That is why we provide simulation tools and demo environments to our students so that they can test and apply their knowledge without having to risk a single euro of their savings.

We evaluate the theoretical and practical performance of our students so that we can tell them when it is the best time to embark on their path in a real environment. It is up to the students to make that decision, but they will always count on our professional advice so that they feel truly supported in making such important decisions.


Once the theoretical and practical sessions are finished, the student will be able to visualize how professional Traders operate in the markets both in 15-minute charts, making intra-day, and in 4-hour and 1-day charts, for medium-term operations with objectives between one week and two months.

Our desire is to train self-sufficient traders who are able to make decisions on their own and understand all the possibilities offered by the financial markets. Thanks to this approach we manage to train professionals who function independently and are able to accumulate successful trades in the markets. Our objective is to meet our studets’ expectations by being clear about what they are looking for.

Frequently asked questions about trading

It is not necessarily about how much our trading course can cost us, but rather what knowledge it can bring to us in trading operations with brokers such as shares, basic operations, buying / selling techniques or basic investment in the stock market. But if you are more economically interested in the courses, these are valued at around 300 €, but in Trading from zero you can get it from 136 €. We firmly believe that trading should be accessible to anyone, this is why our courses have affordable prices and we also offer financing options so that anyone can access our training. How do we achieve this? Our methodology makes the most of the potential of technologies such as MOOCs, live webinars, 1to1 sessions, and the experience of our trainers to offer high quality trading training at affordable prices.

The opportunities to learn trading have skyrocketed in recent years with the rise of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. In Trading From Zero we can offer you a complete training and guarantees, with the aim of training you as a professional trader and you can operate by yourself. The instruction in trading should seek the goal of training trading professionals and our main effort is precisely that our students end up being qualified professionals to operate in the financial markets.

There are countless platforms on which we can operate in today’s stock market, some may sound like Axi, Admiral Markets or eToro, but here we offer an article where we indicate the best trading platforms according to your needs, from a professional trader to your first investment.

Trading works through the purchase and sale of highly liquid quoted assets such as shares, currencies, etc. Trading is carried out in an electronic and regulated manner, with the objective of obtaining profits in the variations produced in the market. To this scenario we must add all the actors involved in it. We are talking about brokers from all over the world who operate in the markets to satisfy their own interests, those of their companies or those of their clients. In addition, we can count on the intervention of automated trading systems that look for patterns and operate in an automated or semi-automated way. This generates a highly volatile market that can produce great economic benefits but also has the capacity to generate losses. It is convenient to be well prepared mentally to face with serenity and calm the results we get in this wild bull that if we manage to tame will become our best friend.

To be able to operate and trade we need a personal computer with internet connection. Then you have to register in a broker or trader platform, and the amount of money necessary to operate and invest in the stock market. The initial setup is minimal and we do not need much. What we will need mainly from you are knowledge and time, that are the resources that can really make a difference.

A trader invests money through brokers in highly liquid markets, with the objective of benefiting from changes in the markets in which he has invested. These generate a capital gain with the variations in the market itself. The day-by-day life of a trader is based fundamentally on the analysis of what is happening in the market. Based on external situations, changing patterns and the macroeconomic events that occur, the trader will make decisions. In this way he will be able to consolidate his positions and generate profits.

It is a good option to invest in trading, because being able to invest through brokers is synonymous of being able to invest in a new market, and trading strategies behave independently of how traditional markets behave. We must be aware that money in the bank produces absolutely nothing. If we want our money to generate an economic return we must move it ourselves by investing it in what we consider appropriate. Trading is one more way to invest our money. Unlike other investment tools, such as investing in other companies by acquiring large shares, real estate investment or investing our capital to start a business, trading requires much less money so that we can carry it out. The difference also lies in the fact that trading requires our time and a certain amount of money. While other types of investment initiatives, such as investing in starting a new business, usually present much more risk and will require much more time than trading. Trading then becomes an ideal tool, with an excellent balance between the time we have to use to develop our strategies and the money to invest.

They are individuals or companies that carry out stock market operations on behalf of a number of investors or for themselves. This can be done with different assets such as stocks, forex, commodities or insurance. This broker will usually charge a commission for the activity on its platform. Brokers provide us with access to the financial markets through their platforms. It is important to always check the regulation under which the broker operates. It is completely normal to find brokers that operate under various regulations. Not only is it normal but it is also positive, as it speaks well of the effort that the broker is trying to make in order to make it easier for us to operate in different markets under different financial regulations. This type of regulations have an economic cost for the broker that has to make a series of investments and fulfill a series of requirements to be able to operate under such regulation. The greater the financial capacity of the broker, the more interesting his conditions will be and therefore the more interesting it will be for us to operate through these brokers.


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