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15 Jul 2020

Live Trading: Learn with the Best Professional Traders

In this blog post, we would like to introduce our Live Trading Academy and the role it plays in the context of beginner trading. Hence, we would like to discuss the objective of the academy and of this very blog. 

Who are we?

We are Trading From Zero, an international online academy focused on bringing together all aspects of theoretical and practical knowledge with the goal of empowering individuals to be autonomous in the decision-making processes and have the ability to freely trade in the market without the need for intermediaries.

To achieve this, students are paired with professional traders who successfully unified detailed theoretical classes with exceptional practical experiences. This takes place on our own real trading accounts, with real money gain and losses and real strategies to back up all operations.

Our team of professionals is constantly learning and always updated in terms of knowledge and operations, significantly facilitating the student’s learning process and providing a high-quality course.

Live Trading Courses

Is this the first time you hear the word Trading and are interested in finding out more? Have you already finished your first trading course and would like to further your education? Would you like to learn more and come up with your own trading strategies?

At Trading From Zero we have what you need, no matter if you are a beginner or a more advanced trader or haven’t had the chance to take any live trading courses before.

Live Trading Beginner’s Course 

This Online Trading Course was created for beginners who are interested in discovering the beauties of the financial word and who don’t have any foundation or basic knowledge in the field.

The course was designed by professionals in the Trading sector and is constantly updated based on the latest developments in the financial market.

  •       10 Live Online Lessons.
  •       Lifelong Access to all the recordings and extra materials.
  •       Free demo platform for extra practice.
  •       Personal tutor to track student’s progress and answer questions.
  •       Downloadable supplementary material.
  •       Certified Diploma.

After completing this course, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to start trading in the financial market on your own.

Advanced Trading Program 

The Advanced Trading Program aims at transmitting to students the skills and experiences, both personal and professional, of our professional traders. They will share their vision of the market, the way they interpret it and their way of operating every single day. Our students will receive live updates on all the open operations so that they can enter along and understand the efficacy of a solid trading strategy.

  •       28 recorded online classes.
  •       Lifelong access to all the sessions.
  •       Exclusive trading signal channel.
  •       Access to our trading video library.
  •       Free demo platform for practice.
  •       Personal tutor to track student’s progress and answer questions.
  •       Downloadable extra material.
  •       Certified diploma.

Just like the Beginner’s Trading Course, the Advanced Program was designed by professionals in the Trading sector and is continually updated based on the latest developments in the financial market.

Trading CourseWhy choose Trading From Zero?

Learning to interpret the financial market is key to maintaining the purchasing power of our savings over time and to generate an extra source of income so that we can increase the value of our portfolio moving forward.

Due to the social and demographic changes, accentuated this year by the global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this is becoming increasingly complicated. Added to all this, we are all familiar with the problem of scarce time due to our work, family, responsibilities, commitments… For these reasons, it has become fundamental to find other ways to continue learning and expanding our horizons both personally and professionally, as well as developing a reliable long-term income strategy to secure an extra source of income.

This is where we come into play; an online academy that offers courses for all levels and exclusive personalized tutors to assist you in all the different learning stages. Trading From Zero can offer you clear theoretical classes along with the essential practical experience. Our courses are led by professionals who stand by each and every student at any time, so that everyone has the chance to learn first-hand the effort and discipline required to ensure a serious and professional management.

What can I find in this Blog?

Regarding this blog, our goal is to publish all the relevant information about our courses, all the services offered by Trading From Zero as well as any relevant news event directly related to the world of trading, the stock market, currency pairs…

We want this to be a meeting place for both the students and teacher/traders to interact and share experiences and information on the financial market.

In summary

Diving into this new activity can seem frightening and challenging but with the right attitude and training, even something as complicated as trading can be broken down and made easy to understand. With more than 23.000 students, we have gathered all the experience necessary to become your teachers so feel free to join us! Make sure to write below this post if you have any questions and we will be right there to attend you. See you soon!


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