Trading Course – Investing course for beginners

Trading courses for beginners

We all find ourselves in need of knowing how to invest our savings, fundamentally because as time goes on our money is worth less and less. Consequently, if we do not learn how to invest our capital, we will lose our purchasing power.

The Trading Rooms allows you to see how the market really operates, with help from the professional traders who are dealing with real money. It is a unique opportunity to see how the markets really work, not only from a theoretical and practical perspective, but also applied. Our traders operate while you learn to apply the knowledge acquired during the course.

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Starts on a monthly basis.
Classes on Monday and Wednesday.
Duration: 4 weeks.
Classes timetable: 19:30pm (CET).

Trading course


Trading course

In this course we will show you: how the financial sector works; the differences between managing your money through third parties or by yourself; and how to operate in the stock market, so ultimately you are able to understand where the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options are.

Course content

 Why were they created, what agents can be found in financial markets, what type of assets and what are the characteristics of today’s markets.

Going long or short, operating with CFD, leverage, operations with lots, download of the demo platform.

 Platform configuration, graph analysis, Japanese candles, entry and exit orders.


Supports, resistances, channels, triangles, breakouts, Gaps.

ATR, moving averages, Fibonacci, oscillators, RSI, MACD.


Vamos a repasar a través de una serie de ejemplos fotográficos todo lo aprendido en las lecciones anteriores. La imagen es la culminación de un proceso técnico y creativo interiorizado a través de la práctica.

During this lecture, we will talk about the swing trading strategy. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy as well as example of its application.

In this lecture, we discuss the concept of diversification and the importance of managing risk in our portfolio. We will look at what the appropriate amount of risk for each operation should be and how to calculate it. We will also discuss the application of stop losses and the volatility of different assets.

In this lecture we will discuss the history and function of cryptocurrencies. We will do this from a speculative prospective and we will discuss the risks associated with these types of assets. Not only that, but also the risks associated to the platform trading cryptos. Lastly, we will look at how to minimize the risks associated with an already risky market.We will introduce the concept of market capitalization as an indicator of cryptocurrency price expectations.


During this lecture, we will discuss how macroeconomic news are traded, what the pros and cons of this trading strategy are, what can be expected and how to interpret the results. To do this, we will explain how to read and interpret the economic calendar. Besides having a normal lecture, we will give you access to our live trading room, where professional traders invest in real time and with real money.  We do this in the European market from 08:30 to 12:00, as well as in the American market from 15:30 a 19:00 and Asian market from 23:30 to 3:00.

Trading course

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