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Trading Stocks: How to Start

While it may seem like an overwhelming task in the beginning, trading stocks can be quite a simple process once you’ve got a grasp on the basics of trading and an idea of how to start.   Creating A Plan Regardless of how much or how...
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6 Tips to get through your first year of trading

Let’s be realistic. Being a trader is complicated and challenging. It’s not surprising to learn that 90% of people give up on trading after just a few months of activity. But living off trading is possible, even if you’ve never done it before. The reasons why...
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How Day Trading Works

Day trading is becoming more and more popular among both traders and outsiders in an attempt to reach financial freedom or generate a secondary income. Ever since the Dot Com bubble, this trading style has gathered growing interest and today is pursued by a variety of...
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What is Trading? Firsts Steps

Many times, we find ourselves asking the question “where should I invest my money?”. This question might accompany us for years as we reflect on how to manage the savings that we have been accumulating over time. Yet, have you figured out what to do? Let’s...
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Things to do during self-isolation – COVID19

Due to Coronavirus or Covid-19 it is important we stay at home to avoid spreading it further. However, are you wondering what to do during self-isolation? Keep reading to find out how to utilise your extra time for some self-development! 1. Reading There’s no doubt that...
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