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What is Trading From Zero?

Trading From Zero is the union between theoretical and practical training. At TFZ we seek to offer the best theoretical training to provide our students with all of the knowledge and tools necessary to enter the financial markets and learn to invest by themselves. This is why we go beyond theoretical lessons by incorporating select professional traders who show how to apply our teachings through their own real-time accounts. We offer online trading courses for all levels, including beginner trading, professional trading, trading signals, etc.


Why is financial education so important?

For many years we have lived in a society where pensions were guaranteed. Today, due to social and demographic changes, we cannot count on that exclusively.
Financial education is essential in order to maintain the purchasing power of our savings as well as to generate an alternative source of income and increase the value of our portfolio for the future.

Can everybody learn and invest in the markets?

If possible. Can you live from trading.
Depending on your risk profile, training and free time to be able to devote to this profession it will be better to opt for one type of trading or investment than another. That is why we offer a clear trading training accompanied by real sessions so that the effort and discipline behind serious and professional management are understood.
Learning to invest in the stock market today, and live from trading tomorrow, can be your reality if you have the necessary training.

Is trading for everybody?

Yes! Depending on the knowledge and experience you have, we provide the appropriate options; whether you prefer to start with our course for beginner investors or jump directly into online real-time trading sessions. Either way, we always recommend taking the beginner trading course first in order to get to know us personally, understand the way we work, build a foundation of the functionality of financial markets and learn to invest in the stock market for yourself.

Learn what you really need.

At TFZ we focus on teaching what is really necessary to be successful in financial markets. Of course we always recommend supplementing your learning with readings and manuals, but at the end of the day the most important thing is to focus on what can be applied today in order to be profitable in the financial markets. That is our goal, to be profitable and efficient.

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